Top Notch Tooling with Toolbag! ES2015 Generator Galore! Responsive D3 React!

Wednesday 16 Mar 2016 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Hi Nodesters! We've got some great talks this month!


Colin Ihrig - Top Notch Tooling with Toolbag

Colin Ihrig will show us how to get all the right info from our apps, sites, and services using He'll show us what toolbag is, how the architecture is structured, how to get using it fast, and demo some interesting functionality!

Lightning Talk - Valeri Karpov - ES2015 Generators Galore

Valeri Karpov will be joining us again, to give us the Cliff's Notes on his new book: And in the process, he'll fill our heads to the brink with everything we need to know about generators!

Lightning Talk - John Bartos - Responsive Higher-Order D3 React Components

John Bartos will be talking about responsively resizing D3 components the React way!
Additional spots available. Reach out with topics to presentt!

***Note on security***: As always, please ensure your full name is listed on your Meetup profile, if you RSVP yes to join. Building security will need it to grant you access to the event.

We'll be trying out a new location, at Ebay's office just off 18th Street, this month. Thanks to Ebay for hosting! It's going to be a great event!

See you there!

- Matt

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