Stefan Kutko - Eventually Consistent Distributed Systems w/ Node for Finance

Wednesday 19 Nov 2014 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Feature Talk: Stefan Kutko & Eventually Consistent Distributed Systems for Finance - CQRS, Such Event Sourcing, Much Microservices, So Messaging! Very Wow!

This month Stefan Kutko will present on the what the team at Electronifie  has learned while building what is very likely the world's first electronic bond trading platform written in Node.js. He'll cover how Electronifie uses messaging and microservices to build their distributed system, allowing problem domains to be separated by service and each service to be custom tailored to the problem it solves. Along the way, Stefan will show how a CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation) architecture allows their system to scale and how patterns like Event Sourcing allow interesting features for finance. Mixed in will be glimpses of how Electronifie is breathing fresh air into FinTech by using and contributing to Open Source, plus sprinklings of Meteor, binary addons, and desktop Node apps!

Lightening Talk: Aidan Feldman talks about 3D Model Viewers and Sensors!

Aidan Feldman will demo and walk through the code of a prototype 3D model viewer. Using Three.jsSocket.IO, and device orientation events, it uses a mobile device as an interface for manipulating a virtual object in 3D space

Lightening Talk: Meredith Finkelstein on the Node.js based Rendering and Compositing Magic Behind!

Meredith will show how used Node.js as the rendering and compositing engine behind the first ever Virtual Fashion Show. The project, which launched with Yahoo! Fashion, allows users to upload prints to a looping virtual runway and visualize their designs in real(ish) time and then shop and sell those pieces. The system generates a number of different formats to live on different platforms, including animated gifs that as the product thumbnails. You can see it all at  Why did the team pick Node? How did they build it? What's next? All this and more during the nodejs lightning talk!

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It's going to be a great event! See you there!

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