Rich Harris Gobbles Up Your Code!

Wednesday 15 Oct 2014 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Feature Event: Gobble Up Your Code! w/ Rich Harris

Rich Harris will take us on a journey of why and how he created the build tool Gobble, how to extend it, and how to use it in your projects! 

Since Grunt.js lit the path to a smarter way of working, there's been an explosion of node.js-based build tools - GulpPlumberAssetgraph and Broccoli, to name a few. Each brings something unique to the table. Given all these choices, why do we need yet another? Gobble is designed from the ground up with debuggability and ease of use as top priorities. That's not to say it doesn't care about performance - it's very fast! But care and thought have been given to all the ways in which a build might fail, and how Gobble can gracefully guide the user towards a solution rather than filling your terminal with EADDRINUSE and other such nonsense.

Lightening Talk: Valeri Karpov, on Bookalokal API Testing

Valeri will take us back in time to the beginning of Bookalokal, and discuss the API testing paradigm they're using to migrate from a monolithic architecture to a lightweight REST-ish API. He'll discuss why they're migrating their architecture and show how they use Mocha, Request, and Express 3 sub-apps to ensure their API works as promised.

Lightening Talk: Ginna Baker on Embedded Node and G-habilitate

Ginna Baker will be showing us the g-habilitate app which approaches physical therapy from a gaming perspective. Using Tessel Hardware (Node.js on a chip) as our sensor board, g-habilitate converts a patient's hand motion into a real-time game simulation.  The patient/user can measure and gain increased muscle control as s/he completes game scenarios at easy, medium, and advanced difficulty. Hacking your healthy muscle recovery with Node!

Free Tickets to EmpireNode!

We'll be giving out free tickets to October 27th's EmpireNode Conference to two lucky attendees!

***Note on security***: As always, please ensure your full name is listed on your Meetup profile, if you RSVP yes to join. Shutterstock & Empire State security will need it to grant you access to the event. 

It's going to be a great event! See you there!

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