Node Meetup - NodeConf report and kickstart meeting

Wednesday 22 Jun 2011 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

We've managed to get a space courtesy of the great team at Magnetic. We'll be doing a report from NodeConf in Portland, and then depending on the level of experience, we'll tailor some additional content. It's a kickoff meeting, so expect to learn some node stuff, meet some node people and have a chance to have input (if you want) on the direction and level of future presentations.

The meetup will start at 6.30. If you're interested, sign up quickly. We have to cap the meetup to 25 people for now due to space limitations.

Separately, if you have anything you might like to present about at a future meetup, please drop me a line as I'd like to get this running on a regular basis. 

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