Lightning Talks! PM2, Linting, Lambdas, and Net Neutrality!

Wednesday 18 Feb 2015 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Hi Nodesters! This month we're going to fill our Meetup with as many Lightening Talks as we can. Here's our lineup so far, and we'll keep adding more before go-time!

Alexandre Strzelewicz and PM2 Keep an Eye On All of the Processes!

Alexandre is the CEO of Keymetrics, a monitoring SaaS for NodeJS. Alexandre will present how Keymetrics makes it easy to monitor performance and reliability in realtime. The technology is an extension of the OpenSource tool PM2, a tool he wrote 2 years ago that has an interesting impact on the NodeJS community.

Patrik Ring Cleans Things Up With Lintlovin!

At Bloglovin we grew tired of manually having to run linters, running all the relevant tests and making sure that the code was fine and safe. We created a little tool to standardize and enforce our styleguides, automatically run tests and linters on every change, and to tie into before you're allowed to push to make you aware of problems with your code. We call it lintlovin.

Edithson Abelard and AWS Lambda

In this talk, Edithson will cover introducing AWS Lambda - what is it, how to use it and what it means for the Nodejs community. He’ll also talk about how they are using it and how they transitioned from using EC2 instances to just using Lambda. Before we step away we'll all be ready to run our first lambda code.

Chris Abrams - Net Neutrality and the Future

Chris Abrams helps run non-profit whose aims include creating better government through the use of Open Source technology. Chris will talk about the Net Neutrality debate and why this issue, for which an important vote is occurring in just a few days, is so important.

Edwin Fuquen on Covering All Your Bases with allbases

When creating tracking ids for users on we wanted something shorter then the 36 character monstrosity that were UUIDs, for some usecases you don't necessarily need to be safe against collisions across the entire Universe over billions of years.  Wanting the most permutations packed into the smallest character counts we settled on base62 encoded ids. After investigating currently used libraries we found they all were using standard javascript `Numbers`, which have fundamental limits on how large they can be.  Realizing we needed to roll our own we created allbases to allow arbitrary length ids encoded in any numeric base we like.  I'll cover some of the math involved and pitfalls when calculating base conversions and how to decide how many bits you'll *really* need your ids to be.

Edwin Fuquen - The Basics of using Docker & CoreOS to deploy nodejs apps

At we've gone all in on Docker and CoreOS for production deployments. I'll go over the basics on how Docker & CoreOS work and how they can help you develop and manage your infrastructure and specifically with deploying simple nodejs/express apps.  In addition I'll discuss some of the problems and pitfalls we've had and ways to work around them. *Hint*, it's not all unicorns and rose petals when adopting cutting edge tech, there are no magic bullets. But if these problems are handled properly these tools can make for happier developing and less troublesome deployments.

More Lightning Talks to come!

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Thanks to Shutterstock for hosting! It's going to be a great event! See you there!

- Matt

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