Leveraging Google APIs to make your RESTful API self documented and discoverable

Tuesday 4 Dec 2012 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Discoverable APIs

Dave Brand will give a walk through of his brand new open source tool (written in Node) that leverages Google API concepts to make your RESTful APIs discoverable and self documenting.  This has huge benefits for API wrapping, documentation, testing, and getting developers to start using your public APIs sooner than later or never.

This is will be a hands on event so plan on bringing your laptop, pulling Dave's code from GitHub, and getting your hands dirty trying out the techniques and exploring the possibilities.  Dave will also provide a "dummy" RESTful API in case you need something to kick off your experiments.

Background on Dave

Dave Brand is an exceptional developer.  I should know.  I've had the pleasure of working with and hiring him on several occasions.  While at Bell Labs Dave helped create the C++ language.  He's got extensive experience in compilers and complex systems as well as creative and elegant solutions in startup situations.  Most recently he was the lead developer at Rewind.me where he developed and employed the discoverable API techniques being presented tonight.

It is with appreciation that I thank Rewind.me for allowing Dave to make this aspect of his work public domain.

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