Javascript 'this' quirks, Getting an MVP to $1M, React Component Libs, and more!

Wednesday 19 Jul 2017 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Hi Nodesters! We've got great talks this month! NOTE THE LOCATION at Shutterstock!!!*

Nicholas Kariniemi - JavaScript and Self Deception - Why TypeScript is not enough

JavaScript is often derided for callback hell and for quirks around equality, number handling, type coercions and the "this" keyword. This is largely a straw man argument. Developers learn to work around these shortcomings through conventions, tools, and libraries and the problems caused by these kinds of quirks come up infrequently. This talk instead aims to explore the best ways that I know how to write JavaScript- using good conventions, using functional libraries, using types, using promises and immutable data- and introduce PureScript as a way of pushing the limits and bringing development in the JavaScript ecosystem to the next level.

Sam Wilcoxon - How we used Fog Creek's new product called Glitch to build our MVP and raise $1M

Startups need to move fast.  We learned this the hard way after spending 9 months writing production-grade, well-tested, highly-performant code and then throwing it all away when we pivoted the product. Determined to not make the same mistake twice, we decided to build our next MVP using Glitch (Fog Creek Software's new product). Glitch enabled us to quickly get code live, rapidly iterate, and focus on driving customer demand, without having to think about DevOps/Infrastructure/best practices/etc. In this talk, I'll try to convince you why we think more early-stage startups should build their first product on Glitch and move fast.

Andrew Joia - Creating a single source of truth with a React Component Library (RCL)

The RCL is a tool to help create and maintain robust design systems, allowing a developer to roll out higher quality, more consistent User Interfaces (UI) faster. Ours exists as a separate library of React components that we publish to NPM and use as a dependency in our products and projects. By using the principles of Atomic design, the power of CSS Modules, and the modularization made possible by React components, we can "check out" the components that we need from the library and be confident that it will render correctly and function correctly every time; once a component is built, the consumer no longer has to worry about class names or markup changes. We now build with building blocks and interfaces.

Liz Phillips - Async Promise Chains or Around the Web in 800 Links

Async Promise Chains breaks down the execution of async promise chains by walking through the process of creating a web crawler that attempts to make it around the web and back to it starting domain in 800 links. Topics covered include: You Might Need an Async Promise Chain When..., How to Build Async Promise Chains, and How Await Fits Into the Async Promise Chain.

More Lightning Talks Spots Available! Reach out with topics to present!

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We'll be at Shutterstock this month. Thanks to Shutterstock for hosting! It's going to be a great event!

See you there!

- Matt

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