Hands-On Node: Intro to Node and Node Hands-On

Tuesday 3 Jul 2012 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Hi Nodesters! It's our privilege to announce bi-monthly meetups! Moving forward, we'll be holding two meetups per month with a new meetup scheduled for each month's first Tuesday. Leon Stankoswki and I will be presenting the first first-Tuesday-of-the-month meetup Tuesday, July 3 @ TechStars. The format of the meetup is two lightening talks at around 20 minutes each, followed by hands on hacking. If you want to learn, come laptop in-hand. If you have questions with actual code, we'll help you with them! Our first presentations are Intro to Node and Node Hands-On - a deep dive into tools we use in production and what things you can learn to get up to speed on Node as fast as possible.

See you there!

Matt Walters

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