Hands-On Node: Creating API Wrappers and Creating Realtime Socket.io APIs

Wednesday 5 Sep 2012 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

The next hands-on node meetup is all about creating APIs.  APIs are that part of a server that makes it accessible to Internet (and Ethernet) connected devices and web pages as well as internal servers.

Tim Atkinson will kick off our evening with "Wrap it Up - Acquiring Fame and Making Restful API Wrappers".  This talk will be about creating an API around an existing service, a great approach when you can't readily modify a legacy service but need greater access to it.

Steve Kaliski of PopTip will follow up with "Creating Realtime Socket.io APIs" to live server data.  Steve talking about clean slate development, namely designing a bidirectional, custom interface for high performance and efficiency for a brand new server.

Following the two talks we'll jump into actually building an API or two.  Bring your laptops with node already loaded so we can quickly get you started.

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