Graph All The Things! With Neo4j and Node

Wednesday 17 Apr 2013 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Connected data abounds today. Modern web services connect people, products, photos, locations, ideas, creations, and more. New tools have emerged that are optimized for this connectedness, and graph databases are one such tool. Instead of working with tables and rows, you work with nodes and edges — storing data exactly as you would draw it on a whiteboard.

In this talk, Aseem Kishore will share an introduction to Neo4j, the most popular graph database, along with his experiences and lessons learned building a startup on top of it. Aseem is the co-author and maintainer of node-neo4j, the Node.js client library for Neo4j, so he'll also walk through the basics of using Neo4j from Node.js.

Aseem is a developer at FiftyThree, a startup here in NYC and the company behind the popular iPad app, Paper. He has been working with both Node.js and Neo4j for two years now, and is looking forward to even more years ahead.

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