Feature Talk - Mikael Kopteff - Isomorphic Web w/ Reaktor!

Wednesday 16 Sep 2015 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Hi Nodesters! We've got a feature talk this month!

Feature Talk - Mikael Kopteff - Isomorphic Web with Reaktor

Server-rendered HTML+CSS pages leveraging proper caching are fast, but page changes are clunky and application state management is problematic. Single page apps promise a smoother user experience, but long initial load times and SEO are big problems. Combining React with Node.js into an isomorphic application gives us best of both worlds in a single DRY codebase that spans both the front- and backend. Using experiences spanning several projects, we'll tackle some of the inevitable gotchas like how to create clean components without polluting them with server-side or client-side code!

Lightning Talks - Valeri Karpov - Test-Driven Tech Writing Using Acquit

Maintaining npm module documentation is hard - many large modules' docs are littered with obvious bugs. In this talk, Val will provide a brief overview of acquit, a module he wrote to generate documentation directly from mocha tests. He'll also talk about acquit's new plugin architecture and show how you can write plugins to make your docs more clear!

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***Note on security***: As always, please ensure your full name is listed on your Meetup profile, if you RSVP yes to join. Building security will need it to grant you access to the event.

Thanks to Shutterstock for hosting! It's going to be a great event! See you there!

- Matt

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