Everything About Auth in Node! TypeScript API Contracts & GraphQL on AWS Lambda!

Wednesday 21 Jun 2017 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Hi Nodesters! We've got great talks this month! NOTE THE LOCATION at Shutterstock!!!*

Randall Degges - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Web Authentication in Node

Want to learn how web authentication works? How your login information is transmitted from a web browser to a web server, and what happens from that point onwards? How authentication protocols work behind the scenes?

In this talk, Randall Degges, Developer Advocate at Okta, will walk you through the entire web authentication flow, covering: Credential transmission, Cookies, Sessions, Databases, Best practices. By the end of this talk, you’ll be intimately familiar with web authentication in Node.

Randall is the author of many open source libraries in Python and Node, and spends most of his time writing open source security tools to help make the internet a little safer.

Varun Jayaraman - Using Typescript to Protect your API Contracts in Isomorphic Javascript Apps

Refactoring your APIs and how you consume them is scary. You're almost guaranteed to break something and as much as we love testing, integration tests that span both your front- and back-end are a luxury that only larger teams can afford. Typescript's static type checking is a boon to both Node and front-end Javascript developers: by using data models to enforce your API contracts, you can easily refactor your apps without being afraid of breaking your API at runtime. I'll talk about some ways you can use Typescript to greatly improve how you develop your APIs and how you consume them.

Naomi Joshi & Sandarsh Srivastav - Serverless GraphQL on AWS Lambda

In this talk, we describe how to go serverless with GraphQL using AWS Lambda. We will briefly discuss how GraphQL (http://graphql.org) enhances API performance and optimizes development time, how to deploy to AWS Lambda easily using the Serverless Framework (https://serverless.com) and how to run GraphQL serverless in the cloud.

More Lightning Talks Spots Available! Reach out with topics to present!

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We'll be at Shutterstock this month. Thanks to Shutterstock for hosting! It's going to be a great event!

See you there!

- Matt

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