Double Header! Jarrett Cruger on Streams and Godot. Realtime+WebRTC w/ Arin Sime

Wednesday 16 Apr 2014 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Jarrett Cruger Goes Crazy on Streams and Godot!

In this month's meetup, Jarrett Cruger will throw down the lowdown on streams and live code an example of using them in a simple http server. From there, he'll dive into godot and messaging using a generic JSON format over the network w/ TCP/UDP. He'll discuss ways this can be used for internal logging and gathering metrics data. 

*THEN*, we'll see how Jarrett can build a simple godot server with various "reactors" (which are just streams that filter or send data somewhere etc) and how we can connect this up to the simple http server that we started with to start getting some simple metrics from the process for free! 

following that...

Realtime messaging and WebRTC with Arin Sime!

Arin Sime will be joining us to discuss integrating WebRTC and real time messaging into a Node.js application. He'll demo and describe a simple webinar application showing both video chat and other realtime features. This should be a fun, interactive presentation! 

Arin is also editor of a weekly newsletter on these topics called, and founder of which specializes in realtime web applications.

***Arrive early and be sure to have a valid ID to get through security quickly!

Here are links to content from both main presentations:

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