Double feature: express primer plus and getting started with couchdb & node

Thursday 20 Dec 2012 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Express primer plus - Roman Shtylman

This talk will focus on understanding the express.js framework for building basic web apps for node.js. I will cover how express does what it does and how all of that is is built on top of the basic node.js http server. Having built a number of different types of apps using express, I will point out some gotchas as well as other nuances and tips that are often overlooked when getting started. The talk is geared toward beginners and those who are looking to write their first express app, but seasoned veterans may glean helpful insights as well. Please bring your computer as it will be a play along type of talk.

As a computer whisperer, Roman Shtylman, spends his time wrangling with code. He has built a number of web apps and api services using the express framework and has been using it for over a year. When not writing web apps, he spends time writing modules and contributing to other projects with the hope of making his and other developer lives easier. A long time user, contributor, and believer in open source, most of his work is on github or floating around other open source places.

Getting Started with CouchDB and Node.js by Costa Michailidis

CouchDB is an interesting piece in the NoSQL collection. This presentation will cover the basics of CouchDB, how it's different, where it excels, and demonstrate two different ways to include it in a stack with Node.js. We'll cover an advanced example, introduce PouchDB, and end with an interactive brainstorming activity to jolt out thinking on how to use Couch in our own projects.

In 2009 Costa escaped from university and has yet to be apprehended. Constantly expanding his horizons, he has been a coach, a storyteller, an athlete, a web developer, a facilitator, and a full-time volunteer. Costa is incredibly passionate about making a positive impact and is grateful for the opportunity to work with scientists and business leaders on some of today's greatest challenges. He is also a TEDx Organizer, bringing together leading thinkers and helping spread breakthrough ideas. Costa owes much of his character to an upbringing in the world of competitive gymnastics. On occasion, you might catch a glimpse of him flying through the air or standing on his hands.



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