Double feature!

Thursday 21 Feb 2013 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

We have a double feature tonight. A double dose of node goodness . . .

7pm Node.js in an Embedded Environment

Presented by Matt Walters and Dave Alexander from Koko Fit Club

Koko Fit Club creates hardware and software experiences that allow you to take control of your health and fitness. We'll show how we're using Node.js to create a high tech touch-screen treadmill.

8pm Config-less Deployments

Presented by David Newell

Organization of code in JavaScript is more difficult that most languages and numerous tools have been developed that help with the problem.  RequireJS looks great, but requires all dependencies to follow it's format.  Grunt is a powerful tool, but the config files separate what is happening to the JavaScript and the JavaScript itself.  What other modern language has dependencies listed in files outside of the code itself?  At OrderGroove, we have built tools that merge the power of Grunt and the syntax of RequireJS.  Built on an extensible platform, code organization is just the tip of what Deployment Groove can do for you project.

David is the Senior Front End Developer at Order Groove, trusted with the execution of our javascript across many client sites.  In this role and as the organizer of the CoffeeScript Meetup,  David has spread the efficacy of test driven front end code and has sparked interest in emerging technologies.  A life long programmer, David wrote his first script when given the chance to create a LEGO robot in 4th grade.


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