Code Review Panel

Wednesday 15 May 2013 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

It's easy to code in a bubble, but how often do you get to see a group of Node experts dive into a piece of code together, tearing it apart and coming out with a finely-tuned instrument of asynchronous magic?

We are asking for community contributions of code: either something you wrote or something you use, anonymously if you like. Also, we are looking for volunteers for the panel! Please contact Aidan if interested in either:



Haris Amin is a full-stack developer at DailyBurn.  He's the creator of CyborgVision, and in his free time likes to dominate hackathons.

Aidan Feldman (moderator), developer at Artsy by day, dancer by night.

Sam Liu was trained as a physicist and used to be a college professor. He works for a digital agency and enjoys personal coding on his iPhone.

Leon Stankowski is a 30+ year veteran software developer, CTO and CEO.  Started professionally programming in high school developing a forerunning to the Internet for Time Life and since then developed compilers, interpreters, high performance trading systems, online gaming systems and charitable giving companies to name a few areas of interest.  Recently I head technology for, a TechStars supported company, and chose Node and Mongo to create our high performance and highly scalable system.

Matt Walters is co-organizer of the NYC Node.js meetup. He's been an engineer, consultant, and CTO. In Node, he's built everything from sites to distributed services to a sensor-rich, high-tech, touch screen treadmill.

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