Case study: How Shutterstock Uses Node.js for Rapid Prototyping

Wednesday 29 Feb 2012 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

This brief talk will demonstrate how Shutterstock uses node.js to rapidly prototype new ways of interacting with their image library. One concept in particular displays images instantly as a customer types keywords into a search box. During the proof of concept phase, node.js and mongodb made it very easy to get something working quickly that our researchers could share and discuss with customers; especially since the client and server side JavaScript could run on the same machine.


Eric Smiling is the Lead Front End Developer at Shutterstock. Smiling works on the Customer Experience Team for the stock photography site, which has over 14 million images. He develops incremental enhancements to the existing interface and rapidly prototypes new concepts for image search. He is fairly new to node.js, but is well versed with `JavaScript and DOM scripting. 

NOTE: We'll be meeting 6.30pm on the 34th floor and Shutterstock will be providing beer and pizza from 6.30pm to 7!

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