Addressing the security risk in npm dependencies & Decoupling your API!

Wednesday 18 May 2016 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Hi Nodesters! We've got some great talks this month!


Guy Podjarny - Stranger danger: Addressing the security risk in npm dependencies

Open source modules, and especially npm, are undoubtedly awesome. However, they also represent an undeniable and massive risk. You’re introducing someone else’s code into your system, often with little or no scrutiny. Each component may have vulnerabilities (~14% of them do), be compromised, or even be outright malicious. Multiply that risk by hundreds of dependencies, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Guy will demonstrate how you can mitigate this risk without losing productivity. We will also share data about risk, show how to find and fix known vulnerabilities in these dependencies, discuss how to prioritize the ones worthy of manual inspection, and suggest what to monitor in production.

Guy Podjarny (@guypod) is a cofounder at focusing on the security risk in your dependencies. Guy was previously CTO at Akamai and founder of, and worked on the first web app firewall, security static analysis tool. Guy is a frequent conference speaker, the author of "Responsive & Fast”, “High Performance Images” and the upcoming “Securing Third Party Code” (via O’Reilly), and the creator of Mobitest. 

Keith Horwood - Decoupling your API, how to do it and why it's important

Keith is joining us again from SF to talk about the future of the web, different clients that you can expect to connect to your API, and how to separate product concerns into different services.

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We'll be trying out a new location, at Ebay's office just off 18th Street, this month. Thanks to Ebay for hosting! It's going to be a great event!

See you there!

- Matt

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